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Originally started as SupercarWorldUK Roadtrips, Andy  had a desire to re-connect with the basic fundamentals of driving.


Finding some epic roads, driving them with your mates, whilst having an incredible time.

Andy Gordon

Andy has driven extensively through Europe, North America and can recall the NC500 route before it was the NC500! Racing in the Lotus Elise Trophy, being an ARDS instructor, Andys enthusiasm for all things car related is incredible. Finding just as much enjoyment out of driving an Elise as the latest Supercar, you’ll find Andy frequently doing trackdays, and claims he is still torn between the Nordschleife and Spa as his favourite trackday destinations. 

A member of Scottish Elises since 2004, a bunch of Lotus loving, driving and tracking friends, Andy attributes a lot of his love of roads and driving trips to them.

Having run Experience Limits Scotland, SupercarWorld UK, established The Supercar Social , and now heading up Lamborghini Club UK for Scotland, Andy enjoys providing experiences for people to enjoy cars and bringing people together.


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